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STONES Beeswax Furniture Cream


STONE’S Beeswax Furniture Cream (as used by ourselves for many years). STONE’S Beeswax Furniture Cream is one of the best polishes we have used in our many years of dealing with fine wood furniture. STONE’s was formulated in 1760, has been used by Restorers, Collectors, and Householders ever since to take care for and add lustre to all types of wood. The traditional formula contains the finest Beeswax, white spirit, pure soap and essential oils. This combination ensures that STONE’S has both cleaning and polishing properties. There are no silicons or artificial additives in this polish. STONE’S furniture polish will not smear and is effective with repeated applications. We highly recommend the use of STONE’S on your wood furniture. Competitively priced for a 227ml (8fl.oz.) jar. £6.75 plus postage of £2.75.



227ml (8fl.oz.) jar



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